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There is a reason why pasta is one of the most popular dishes everywhere around the world and it is consumed in nearly every country from the Andes through Europe to the Far East. Its popularity is understandable as pasta is not only substantial but the number of dishes can be made with pasta is endless from the very simple ones that can be prepared in just a few minutes to the special ones that are considered to be real gastronomical delights.

The World of pasta

Many people are convinced that pasta had become so popular due to the Italians and it did start to spread from Italy conquering the Western world. However, according to the legend Marco Polo’s trip to China in the 13th century made pasta this popular as it is believed that noodles have been consumed in Asia for thousands of years.

Pasta could become really popular as it can be considered to be one of the most substantial food dietetically containing several nutrients from vitamins through grains to the inevitable minerals for our bodies. It can easily be processed and digested and it can keep the blood sugar level up for a longer period so it is a great energy source for the human body. It is not true that consuming pasta regularly, due to its carbohydrate level, is unhealthy. In fact, pasta should be part of a healthy diet. Moreover, pasta made with eggs contains some protein and it helps the human body optimize the complex of fatty acid.



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